Ted Sargent to speak on “Materials and Systems for the Capture and Storage of Renewable Energy” at Stanford, Sept. 7th – Packard Rm 101, 4pm

Ted Sargent will be giving a special seminar at Stanford University Sept. 7th, 2017 – Packard Rm 101, 4pm. The abstract for the talk is below:

Rapid progress in the cost-effective conversion of solar and wind energy into electrical power brings about a new challenge: the massive (seasonal-scale) storage of energy. We focus on using computational materials science, spectroscopies including ultrafast and synchrotron, and advances in materials chemistry, to create new catalysts for CO2 reduction and oxygen evolution.

I will discuss recent advances including new high-activity OER catalysts and lowoverpotential CO2 reduction catalysts based on field-induced reagent concentration. I will also touch on related materials design problems in optoelectronics, including the design of organic-inorganic materials for photon-to-electron and electron-to-photon conversion.