Sargent Group
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Toronto,
35 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A4

Mailing and Courier Address:
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Toronto
10 King’s College Road
Sandford Fleming Building, Rm. B540
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G4

Take elevators in the southwest corner of the Galbraith Building to the 4th floor. Sargent office is on your left as you exit elevator. Grad student offices are on your right.

Prof. Sargent Phone: 416-946-5051
Administration Phone: 416-978-4760
Research Group Office Phone, line 1: 416-978-8935
Research Group Office Phone, line 2: 416-946-7798

Prof. Sargent’s Office: Galbraith Building, Room GB447
Researchers’ Office: Galbraith Building, Room GB402