Sungjin Park

Position: Ph. D. candidate


Sungjin graduated with Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Minnesota, twin cities and received his master degree in chemical engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology. Currently, Sungjin is a Ph.D. student with research focusing on carbon dioxide conversion to hydrocarbons.

Peihao Li

Position: M.A.Sc. candidate


Peihao received his B.Eng. degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Peking University where he worked in Prof. Shaojun Guo’s group on sodium-ion batteries. He is currently a M.A.Sc. candidate with research focused on carbon dioxide reduction reactions.

Roham Dorakhan

Position: Ph.D. candidate


Roham graduated from the University of Toronto with a BASc and MASc in chemical engineering. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate focusing on the electrochemical conversion of CO2 to fuels and commodity chemicals.

Loann Bonnenfant

Loann received his M.Sc in Chemical Engineering from the School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials science of Strasbourg, France, in 2021. While majoring in polymer science, he worked as an industrial intern at the University of Twente in The Netherlands, on Macromolecular engineering. He joined the group in August 2022 as a visiting researcher, focusing on the electro-chemical conversion of CO2 for ethylene production.

Lewei Zeng

Position: M.A.Sc. candidate

Lewei Zeng completed his B.Eng. degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University where he worked with Dr. Liyuan Han on perovskite solar cells. He is currently a M.A.Sc. candidate with research focused on perovskite solar cells and hole transport materials.

Jianan Erick Huang

Erick completed his B. A. Sc in Engineering Science (Physics) from University of Toronto. During his undergraduate studies, he spent a year at Stanford as student researcher under the supervision of Prof. Hongjie Dai. He is currently a Ph. D. candidate researching the CO2 electro reduction and anodic hydrocarbon upgrading catalysis.

Haoyue Wan

Haoyue received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Peking University, China in 2021. Haoyue worked as an undergraduate research assistant in Prof. Kaihui Liu’s lab at Peking University. He is currently a M.A.Sc. candidate interested in light emitting diodes and optical spectroscopy.